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Welcome to Kumomi

Kumomi Onsen is located at the southernmost tip of Matsuzaki Town.
Please relax and enjoy a memorable time.

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367 Kumomi, Matsuzaki Town, Kamo County, Shizuoka Prefecture

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Tomei Numazu IC to Route 1 → Route 136 Shuzenji, Funabara Pass, Toi, Matsuzaki via Kumomi

Access to Misawaya, a guest house in Matsuzaki Town, Shizuoka Prefecture

It takes 3 hours from Tokyo by Shinkansen and bus, 4 hours from Nagoya, 3 hours by car from Tokyo via Shuzenji and Toi, and 5 hours from Nagoya.
A 10-minute drive along the sea from Matsuzaki Town, Nishiizu, Shizuoka Prefecture.
The area from Koura to Kumomi National Route 136 is called the "Margaret Line" because it is the number one producer of marguerites in Japan.
  • When using a car

    Access method 1:Tokyo
    Tomei Expressway toward Nagoya Numazu IC - Route 1 → Route 136 to Shuzenji, Funabara Pass, Toi, Matsuzaki via Kumomi

  • Train

    ・Tokyo → Shimoda Izu (2 hours and 40 minutes express train) → Kumomi(2 hours by bus)
    ・Tokyo → Mishima (Shinkansen) → Kumomi(Bus 2 hours 10 minutes)

    ・Nagoya → Mishima (Shinkansen 1 hour 40 minutes) → Kumomi(Bus 2 hours 10 minutes)
  • Car

    ・Tokyo → Numazu IC (Tomei 1 hour) → Kumomi(2 hours via Shuzenji / Toi)

    ・Nagoya → Numazu IC (Tomei 3 hours) → Kumomi(2 hours via Shuzenji / Toi)
  • Parking

    Equipped with a private parking lot.

    Please park along National Route 136 at the place marked "Misawaya" in the "Oya Parking Lot" and "Hanemon Parking Lot" next to the Kumomi Kumomi Onsen Bus Stop.
    The parking lot is far from the inn, so if you don't know the way, please contact us and we will guide you.

    Parking Fee:Free
    Capacity:Up to 6