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Kumomi play Kumomi

Kumomi, there are plenty of leisure activities such as boat fishing, rocky shore fishing, swimming, scuba diving, and tennis.
Many annual events! You can enjoy it all year round.

The southernmost tip of Matsuzaki Town with a magnificent view of Mt Fuji and Suruga Bay

Nishiizu Kumomi Onsen, Shizuoka Prefecture, is located at the southernmost tip of Matsuzaki Town and offers a magnificent view of Mt Fuji and Suruga Bay.
Kumomi Kumomi Onsen Minshuku Misawaya is located in the center, and a 2-minute walk to Kumomi Kumomi Swimming Beach.
Kumomi Onsen is also famous as one of the best scuba diving spots in Shizuoka prefecture.
There is also a free "Nagisa Footbath" and an open-air bath that you can enjoy in the summer.
Leisure is enriched not only in the summer but throughout the year, so please come anytime.
  • Kumomi Onsen Annual Event Guide

    • Free sazae hunting!

      An event that KumomiI'm crazy about picking adults and children!

      Event date:3rd Monday of July
    • Fireworks Festival

      You can see the powerful underwater fireworks.

      Event date:August 15
    • Ise Spiny Lobster Festival

      Lifting of the ban on lobster fishing.

      Event date:After mid-september
    • Pirate Cuisine Festival

      Tuna dismantling show and fishing boat parade,
      A lot of fun such as selling local specialties!

      Event date:Second Monday of October
    • Start riding

      Free participation of mandarin oranges and big catches
      There is a service of Omiki (sake offered to the gods).

      Event date:January 2
    • New attraction"Nagisa Footbath"

      A footbath is open in front of the Kumomi Whale Museum!
      It will heal your tired feet.

      Bathable date:Late June-early September(Free)
  • Sightseeing spots full of attractions

    • Kumomi Swimming Beach

      2 minutes walk from Misawaya

      Sea opening:From July 1st to the end of September
    • Boat fishing

      You can catch fish such as grunt, hawk, and horse mackerel all year round.
    • Flower field using rice fields

      Best time to see:Early March-early May
    • Matsuzaki Sakura Somei Yoshino

      Best time to see:Late March-early April
    • Pirate Cuisine Festival

      A popular festival associated with the old pirates (Navy).
      Kumomi Beach the beach of Kumomi Shore, huge tuna sashimi is served, and freshly caught parrotfish, flying fish, sasadai, soda gatsuo, squid, etc. are served free of charge to those who gather.
      We also sell fishing boat parades and special products.

      Event date:Second Monday of October
    • Kumomi Whale Museum

      A skeleton specimen of a right whale, which is valuable worldwide, is exhibited.